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4 Times Gold Medalist
Trained over 3452 students
10 Years Of Experience


A letter from the founder-

My name is Ankit Pareek and I would love to have you in my sweet little yogi family. Here I will teach you the very essence of yoga and will personally guide you through every step to ensure that you become a true master of it ( Just like my thousands of students all over the world)
And Yes, It’s true that becoming a yoga instructor can be tough. But don’t worry…

I will help you improve your leadership skills,  build your confidence, and will take your teaching style to the next level so that you will be able to establish yourself as a top yoga instructor in almost no time.

And if you are a bit sceptical about it then here’s a little advice from me-
Don’t let your self-doubt eat your dreams.
You know my friend, I only won the awards and founded this academy because I want to devote my life to something better.
And believe me, teaching yoga and helping people get rid of their pain and distress is the best thing a person can do. It’s not only a good career option but it also gives you extreme happiness and satisfaction. That’s why I suggest you enrol in our training course ( which is possibly the best in India ) and start this beautiful journey with us.

Arjuna Award Winner And a Participent of 2018 Common Weath GamesApoorvi Chandela


Ankit is truly a master of yoga. As a professional shooter I need to stay calm and relaxed.  And till today whenever I have a tournament I always use his special techniques to instantly reduce my stress and anxiety levels. 

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200 hour

Most people start with this. Because the 200-Hour training helps you delve deep into your practice and allow you to explore the intense relationship between your soul and body.
It will help you build a strong base in physical practice, yoga asana with a special focus on philosophy and much more.
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300 hour-

Well, this is a bit of an advanced level course. It is only open to people who have earned their 200-hour teacher training certification.
This Advanced Teacher Training Program will provide you with the skills you need to flourish as a teacher.
This will deepen the understanding of poses and sequences that will prepare you for the highly challenging role of a yoga teacher while qualifying you to register with the USA Yoga Alliance.

Love Traveling?

Join us on our Yoga Tours

Our tours are filled with  mystical mountains, empty beaches, breathtaking valleys and so many historical palaces that you are completely unaware of.
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Forget Malaysia, Forget the Philippines Forget every other place in the world…India has literally the best and the most exotic natural views on this planet…It is absolutely a heaven for yoga lovers. Definitely recommended (Don’t think, Just go for it.)-Elisa from New Zealand

Yoga Retreats

The best way to Refresh your soul

Take a short break from your hectic lifestyle and practice yoga at some of the most mesmerizing and peaceful places of India. Join us on our retreats and  let’s create some unforgettable memories

Our retreat was organised in Jaipur and oh boy…I never thought yoga could be that amazing. The views I saw, The people I met, The fun we had…All of that was such a lovely experience that I can’t even describe it in words.-Kelly from Newyork City